“My sister, Blair, and all terminally ill children have these incredible traits. Something that many don’t realize is that their siblings do as well, but are often overlooked. The mission of this website is to give siblings a place to connect with others and find additional support as they experience the challenges of having a terminally ill brother or sister.” - Grey


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The B.L.A.I.R. Connection is a support website for siblings of terminally ill children. I started this website in April of 2018, but it had already been in the making for almost a year. The Idea In the months after my sister passed away, I realized how lucky I was to… snow-bright

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Lives lived: Elisa Lorraine Linton

This passage is from an article in The Globe and Mail. It is written by Jessica Mason, whose sister, Elisa, passed away to do Sanfilippo Syndrome.   My sister Elisa was in a hurry to come into this world. My dad ran two red lights getting her to… Read More

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I peered over the sloping back of the couch, vision divided between peacock patterned fabric and white doorway. My mother blindly cupped his greasy cheek in her prematurely wrinkled hand. She saw past so much. “Mister Ben Siedmannn, can you say mama? I’m your ma…? Ma!”… 503-268-2846